You’re the only one for you

Do you remember being a kid? Dressing up Barbie dolls and colouring within the outlines, feeling like a rebel for changing the colour of Barney the Dinosaur’s outer coat of fur to black. He did look pretty badass compared to the regular purple.
Do you remember being happy?

It was a long time ago. When you had it all in your hands; the food you ate and the clothes you wore and the people you spoke to and the ones you ignored. You didn’t do it to keep anyone else happy, to keep up appearances or to get anything done. You did it because it felt right.
What happened to rational thinking?
It’s a fact of life people choose to forget when they’re in love. You’re alone. You may have someone to stand by you, but how can you tell if they’re all there? Physically, mentally, emotionally? You can’t.

And trusting them blindly comes with its pitfalls. Would you be there for them when they need you, and ignore everything in your life so you could give them your hundred percent? It’s easy to say yes, but would you, really?

You would, you say to yourself again. That’s the reason you expect it in return.

And then you realise, you’ve questioned trust and brought up expectations and just like that, the magic’s gone.
It’s not a bad thing. It just makes you realise something you should never have forgotten – You’re the only one who gives you a hundred percent.



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