The Mojo Pause.

I’ve been writing all my life, since as far back as I can remember. Collecting quotes, formulating stories, rewording lyrics, trying so hard to put into words (and not just any words; the perfect words) what it is I feel so you can feel it too. I started doing it a bit more often around May, which is when this blog started.
It was like an addiction. You feel, you write; you feel more, you write more. It’s a vicious cycle there’s no stepping out of. You just keep drowning in your own feelings and, as lovely as they might sound in words, they eat you up inside.


There’s such a thing as stepping out just in time. Sometimes you’re just not ready. Sometimes, when all nine hundred and ninety nine pieces of the puzzle have been laid out, you need to take a deep long breath before you put in the last piece, because in that very instant, it’s all over.
And somewhere inside, we’re all scared of just that.

I think I’m a little afraid too. I don’t want to figure everything out, just yet. I have too much of my life unplanned, too many people I have yet to meet, yet to learn from, yet to love. I’m a little exhausted. From routine and emotions and trying to make things last and wondering why they don’t.

So I’m stepping out for a bit.
In the meantime, I’d love to encourage guest posts. Anything you might want to share with me and the readers of Lazy and the Overthinker – a quote, a story, haiku, 2 am rants you accidentally worded beautifully and still managed to keep under 1000 words – please feel free to send to the inbox of our Facebook page:
We’ll make sure we publish you with credits and all that jazz.

I won’t be too long. Just stepping out to get my mojo back. Got a nagging suspicion I left it in Bangalore.


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