Paper Person

I recently read a book called Paper Towns. It’s a fun read and all on the surface, but what really got me what the concept of paper towns itself. When companies that make maps come out with their original version of a map, they plant a bunch of fake towns on the map in random spots with random names to ensure anybody copying their map gets caught. So when unsuspecting people decide to travel to said fake towns marked on the map (in a random place with a random name), they just reach the area and find nothing. But sometimes, people settle down on this random bit of land and use the name marked on the map and hence paper towns come into existence, being made real by virtue of having been put on a map.

Did you know this happens with people too? You create a person for yourself in a random place with a random name, believe he exists and tailor him to your own version of perfection. And one day, you go to a random place with a random name and he’s there. In flesh and blood, unshaven, unironed, unabashedly himself. And nobody else knows it but he’s come into existence just then, being made real by virtue of having been designed by you.

Did nobody tell you you can create people?


One thought on “Paper Person”

  1. Okay, I have a lot to share here.

    I read Paper Towns sometime in the beginning of 2015. The only thing that impressed me about the book was the concept of Paper Towns, and I’ve told the same to a number of people as one doesn’t just keep such interesting information with oneself.

    Apart from the concept itself, the book seemed quite pointless. And then Looking for Alaska by Green was just as drab (except for maybe a few jokes in the beginning of the book).

    Now, coming to the analogy you make here. You have no idea about how crazy a story I have about actually having created one such person in the January of 2014. Where the person just manifested herself the next day. Like, The Secret had a point to prove. Or the Universe just wanted to play a little prank. More about this in person or over text.

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