Ayeesha Khanna

Bio: There will be times you will read something so eerily familiar you'll think you've been written about. Well, you've been written about.

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One thought on “About”

  1. Hi, I happened to come back to this site after a long time. I used to actually read the pieces you posted here quite often before, I liked your writing a lot.

    Somehow stumbled back onto this today, and found that it’s been 6 months since anything came out. So I read some previous articles obviously and realised why used to come back often haha. It made me also wonder if you’re writing a book afterall then cuz that’d be fitting, on cue, and maybe explains the break. But yeah I am intrigued, are you on your book?

    Hope you’re doing well, looking forward to more Lazy reads. G’luck, cheers!

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